– Impartial strategic analysis, product selection and architectural advice –

– Technical infrastructure and application frameworks for low-risk evolution –

– Legal compliance and personal data protection requirements –

– Open source office, web, database and platform solutions –

– Mapping and geographical applications in 2- and 3-D formats –

– Networked system configuration and support –

– Web site design, development and hosting –

– Virtual machines, testing, demonstration and training systems –

– Audio recording, editing and post-production –

– Business analysis, process design and workflow management –

– Project management and technical assurance –

– IBM Lotus Notes & Domino development and administration –

– Microsoft office, database and platform solutions –

Technical and Commercial: info@cotswold-it.co.uk

Design and Creative: rd@cotswold-it.co.uk

Cotswold-IT is an organisation covering a wide range of engineering activities principally in Software Engineering, IT Systems architecture, implementation and support, and recorded music production and engineering. It was set up specifically to acquire the skills and reputation of its Executive Director, Robin Daniel, who is a Chartered Engineer. While functioning essentially as a software house it dealt principally in strategic and tactical solutions for large and medium-sized enterprises, being particularly skilled in IBM Notes and Domino design, with specific interests in web site development, the simplification of existing ad-hoc systems, complex scripting solutions and developments involving access to the full range of back-end servers and databases.

Impartial strategic analysis, together with unbiased product selection backed by a solid and extensive knowledge base, was the other major arm of the practice.

By 2012,  UK and European clients, particularly public bodies, were finding the climate of austerity difficult, and were tending to outsource software development activities to either East European or Indian contractors. This, coupled with unexpectedly harsh political decisions about the tax position of very small companies (exemplified by current difficulties with BBC staff), had made a change of emphasis appropriate, and new consultancy assignments were therefore being sought only within our existing client base. In addition to our main consultancy activities, however, we have always provided a variety of services to smaller organisations throughout the UK, Ireland and the US East Coast, including PC and small business network configuration, systems support, upgrade advice and implementation, and web site design and editing. These were accordingly extended to cover open-source platforms such as Linux, in addition to the classic Microsoft systems ranging from DOS through to Windows 8.1. A further change of emphasis has resulted from the need for greater care, on the one hand, in dealing with malware ranging from viruses and ransomware down to unwanted advertising and market-analytical tools, and on the other, in ensuring that software users are treated fairly and in accordance with the forthcoming Data Protection Act 2018 which gathers the EU General Data Protection Regulation into English law. We therefore continue to extend our activities in both these areas.

Classical and contemporary music recording and editing is also undertaken, including direct-to-disk high-quality recording and digital post-production to the highest artistic standards. These activities continue for a small range of private clients, and enquiries are very welcome.

Enquiries should be directed by email as above, or by phone to the usual number – 01242 506257. Please note that our London number – 020 8123 8154 – is manned during working hours only and does not have voicemail capability.

Robin Daniel's cv is available here.

Cotswold-IT is a registered Trade Mark, and is currently the trading name of
Robin Daniel, MA, CEng, MIET, Chartered Engineer, acting as a sole trader.